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Hello welcome to ljlayouts my, nuku and rocky_balboa's community. we usually spend our time making backgrounds, icons and doing html for peoples journals, so we decided to go ahead and make a community so more of you who want a prettier layout but dont have the recourses can find us. the only thing we ask of you is to please follow the community rules ^^;;

**Community Rules
1:please be respectful of all community members, this means no starting arguments or judging people harshly.
2:When making a request for a layout please do not be rude or pushy about it and realize that we have more than just your layout to finish and that it might take some time, and that we will get too it when we are able to.
3:When requesting a layout please first make sure you know weather myself or the other moderator will be working on it before sending either of us any pictures to work on your layout.
4:Please post all layout requests here at the community rather than emailing myself or the other moderator about it.

**Thats it for the rules, I hope you all enjoy the community! *^^*

moderators:muun_fearii,nuku and rocky_balboa

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