Save my layout?

If this place is alive, well... I need some help! I just switched to FireFox, and I'm finding that the song and mood information looks seriously fucked up. It looks fine in Explorer, though. Too bad FireFox is better.
So if you could PLEASE help me fix this (or work around it), I will love you forever.
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so i'm all done with my layout excepy ONE thing: i need a space ay the top of the page so you can see my background
i pasted the code in and everything, but when i did my background disappeared.

what am i doing wrong?


would anyone be interested in doing a layout request for me??? I know that the rules clearly state not to send the picture before I know someone will do the request, but I thought if I put the request information under a cut it would help you decide whether or not you're interested... it's actually a fairly easy request...I hope you don't get upset or anything... also, to hopefully prevent irritation I put the URL to the picture instead of actually posting it.

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entry dividers

There's one thing I've wanted to learn for LJ HTML codes, but I can't quite figure it out. Actually, I don't know where to start. :\

How do you put an image in between each journal entry???
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Can someone help me? I haven't done LJ html in forever so I'm pretty rusty. I want to make my scroll bar black and white and i also want to put a dotted box around my post boxes, I can't remember how the heck to do it! help, help.

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I *suck* at making layouts and anything to do with making a layout.

AND.. I don't know if you do myspace layouts or whatever, but that would be way awesome.

I'm not sure what I WANT.. but..

I want something like THAT.
nothing to plain, but not too overdone.

and I don't want it EXACTLY like that, but maybe a little more to it?
I dont know.

but if anyone would do it, that would just be really cool.